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Experts explain how to survive a trunk kidnapping

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Police are seeing a scary crime again and again.

Men are reportedly attacking women and forcing them into the trunk of their cars.

"We went down a dark street with a park and he told me to park the car and turn my lights off," said Ashunti Grayson, who survived an abduction. "I said no. That was the point I started kicking, screaming, and decided I need to fight for my life."

Grayson is one of three women who faced a similar experience over the weekend.

"He could have ended my life for nothing because I only had five dollars in my wallet," Grayson added. "He doesn't care about anyone's life."

Thursday, police arrested 36-year-old Curtis Jones and accused him of beating, robbing and kidnapping Grayson.  Later, officers arrested five more men for harassing Grayson after Jones was in custody.

Grayson survived, but many people don't know how to handle being taken and forced into a car.

"Wait it out, I guess. I wouldn't know," said Memphian Will Graves.

"I guess you would try to remain as calm as possible and try to figure out a way to render yourself out of the situation without causing much attention," said Memphian Berry Whitmore.

The first tip safety experts had to offer was to drop your keys when an abductor asks for them. Then, run.

If an abductor is able to get you into the trunk of a car, experts said you should try to make as much noise as possible.

Try to kick out the backseat, a tail light from inside or the trunk of the car.

"I can get another car," said Memphian Keith Washington. "A life is kinda different if they have a gun and it's pointed at me."

Look for a way to pull out the tail light wires and draw attention from police.

If the car has one, find the release cable for the trunk to let yourself out.

Memphis police's main tip was to watch your mirrors and surroundings while in the car.  Just a few seconds staring at your phone could distract you from seeing danger nearby.

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