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Raleigh citizens make huge gains with Neighborhood Protection Act

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The Neighborhood Protection Act is showing visible signs of turning around a Raleigh neighborhood residents say was once riddled with crime, car wrecks from speeding, and a general lack of lawlessness.

The Twin Lakes subdivision was the catalyst for the act that allows neighborhood watch groups to issue a one-year neighborhood restraining order against any criminal who commits three crimes of theft, burglary, rape, or criminal homicide inside the watch group’s residential boundaries.

The criminal could be arrested on sight, if he or she returns to the neighborhood and the neighborhood association can reapply for the restraining order, when it expires.

Since the signing of the Neighborhood Protection Act in May, Dempsey Sailes says Twin Lakes' Neighborhood Association has grown from nine to 16 members. 

"There are so many resources and tools available for neighborhoods, but you have to begin to organize your neighborhoods. It starts with a small seed," Representative Antonio Parkinson said. 

The law went into effect July 1st of this year, but to activate the protection act in your neighborhood, you must have an established neighborhood association.

In less than three months since the bill became law, Twin Lakes residents now have:

  • An ongoing track of specific repeat criminals
  • Won a $2,500 neighborhood grant
  • Prevented a cemetery from being built in a residential area along Raleigh Millington Road
  • Finally compelled the city to install speed bumps along a sharp turn on Twin Lakes Drive, after years of cars regularly crashing into poles and homes.

To learn how to set up your own neighborhood association, click here.

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