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Superintendents Week: Tipton County Schools Superintendent Dr. William Bibb

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Kym Clark: It's WMC Action News 5's Superintendents Week! With me this morning is Dr. William Bibb--Superintendent of Tipton County Schools. Welcome glad to have you with us.

Dr. William Bibb: Good morning. Glad to be here, Kym.

Kym: So what are some of the challenges for the start of this school year?

Dr. Bibb: We always have challenges. We had 141 students to register last week for new student registration. We've hired between 45 and 50 new teachers for this coming year. We want to make sure we have our schools staffed with the very best teachers we can possibly find, which is always a challenge, finding the best we can get.

Kym: What do you think are the biggest changes parents and students can expect to see this year?

Dr. Bibb: We have a new assessment program in Tennessee called Tenn Ready which replaces the old TCAP tests and those tests are taken in the spring. They're all online. There will be a few changes there so we always want to prepare our students the best we can for those assessments.

Kym: And I know you always have goals and expectations.

Dr. Bibb: Right. You know our graduation rate is at 98-percent. It's high. It's above the state and national average, but that two percent that are not graduating, we certainly want to get them with a high school diploma when they leave our school system. We want them to be prepared for whatever they choose to do and so as the world changes rapidly, as it does, we want to make sure our students are ready when they leave our school system.

Kym: Wonderful. With the first day of school right around the corner, what do you want parents and students to know and what do you expect from them this year?

Dr. Bibb: We have high expectations for everybody. High expectations for our students, our teachers, all our employees, and for our parents. Our students need to be ready. When they come to school every day, we expect them to be ready to learn, they need a good night sleep. They need support and encouragement from their parents, so parents play a huge role in the success of their kids at school.

Kym: Dr. Bibb, thanks so much for joining us this morning and good luck this year.

Dr. Bibb: Thank you so much Kym.

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