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Superintendents Week: Germantown Schools Superintendent Jason Manuel

Jason Manuel, Germantown Superintendent (Source: WMC Action News 5) Jason Manuel, Germantown Superintendent (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Kym Clark: It's WMC Action News 5's Superintendents Week! Joining me now is Germantown Municipal Schools Superintendent Jason Manuel. Welcome and thank you for being here.

Jason Manuel: Thank you for having me. It's good to be here.

Kym: It's good to have you. What can parents and students expect on this first day back?

Manuel: We've got exciting new things that we've done at our schools. One of the things about starting a new school district is that we had five schools we could focus on. We put in all new windows in Farmington. We're also moving into a one-on-one initiative in our high schools, so in three years all of our students in grades 6 through 12 will have either a laptop or computer to do their school work or use in the classroom. We've done all the wiring and we're starting those changes this year. Exciting things happening in Germantown!

Kym: I’m assuming it’s probably a lot less hectic this school year than last!

Manuel: Definitely! The things we had to work out like payroll and what transportation company we're using are all worked out. So now we can focus on the education this year.

Kym: Let's talk expansion! You are a growing school district what's on the horizon for construction?

Manuel: We've had town hall meetings where we were talking with the stakeholders about how to we solve those capacity challenges, so we're looking at lots of different options. We're talking about expanding Riverdale Elementary School and adding a middle school wing. We're also talking about building a new elementary school in Germantown, so all exciting things to do with our capacity issues.

Kym: What's one thing you want parents to take with them this year or bring with them this year when school starts?

Manuel: I think what they're going to see is we're going to have a focus on each individual student. We're starting a new process called Benchmarking where we have software that helps us track your student all year long. So at the end of the year we can track their growth; we can track their progress and know they are going to be successful.

Kym: Thank you so much for joining us today and talking about Germantown and what's happening out there in that district.

Manuel: Thank you for having me!

Kym: Good to have you!

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