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Mourning begins for officer Bolton's friends, family

(Source: MPD Facebook) (Source: MPD Facebook)

Family, friends, and perhaps the entire city of Memphis are grieving over the death of Memphis police officer Sean Bolton.

Carl Rosen, who was Bolton's best friend, said he is still devastated and angry.

"It hurts deeply," Rosen said. 

Rosen and Bolton were best friends and went to school together at the University of Memphis from 1999-2003.

Rosen said Bolton was known for serving others, which explains why he joined the Marines, served in Iraq for four years, and then took a job as a Memphis police officer in October of 2010.

"Sean was an outstanding cop," Rosen said. "He believed in protecting and serving the city of Memphis. I've got friends in the police department, and I'm now worried about their lives. I don't want to see anyone else get hurt or killed."

Saturday, neighbors  on Summerlane Avenue watched in tears as they saw officer Bolton on the ground. They remember hearing nine gun shots, running outside, and seeing officer Bolton's body on the ground.

As they called 911, they said one man grabbed Bolton's radio and signaled for help. Click here to listen to the radio call.

"They actually spoke into the police radio and called for help because all the neighbors were trying to call 911, but they couldn't get through. So that's the only way they could get through," one neighbor said.

As police search for the suspect, neighbors said they are praying for the MPD family.

"I feel sad because it was unnecessary to do harm to someone who was trying to help us. They are our angels on earth."

Police searched the streets surrounding Summerlane for many hours into the early morning. Multiple crime scene vans and a mobile command center were stationed on the street. Police helicopters circled the area and other locations, including Cottonwood apartments.

"We want this person to be found as soon as possible," one resident said. "I don't know if there is such as thing as justice for what he's done but we want him out of our neighborhood and out of our community."

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