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Masked firefighter returns with anti-Wharton sign

(Source: Amanda Swain Photography) (Source: Amanda Swain Photography)

Amanda Swain took the latest photo of the masked firefighter holding his most provocative sign yet.

This one berated Memphis Mayor AC Wharton for speaking about the death of Memphis police officer, Sean Bolton, when retired police and firefighters have had their health care benefits slashed.

“I hate that it was pretty out there, but at the same time I think that if we get a little bit louder and a little big out there,” Swain said. 

“My daddy wasn’t born with a golden spoon in his mouth. So I’ve got my measly pension from the city.” said retired Memphis firefighter George Edwards

But the question on this latest sign is this: Was it in bad taste to use the death of Sean Bolton?

“I think it shows just how frustrated everyone is with this administration with the cuts and how they’ve treated employees,” said Memphis Firefighter Association President Thomas Malone. “Is this the proper way? I don’t say it is the proper way.”

Swain, who agrees with the message, is not a police officer or a firefighter and never has been. She said there is a reason the firefighter is masked.

“He’s decided to keep it that way because he represents everyone,” Swain said.

Memphis Fire Department dispatcher Chett Hopper says the masked firefighter is no longer a Memphis firefighter. He moved to another fire department outside West Tennessee.

“He’s not a color. He’s not a shape. He’s not a religious background. He’s a firefighter,” said Hopper.

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong did not want to comment on the photo of the masked firefighter with his message.

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