ID Theft-400,000 at risk

400,000 people across the nation could have had their personal information compromised.

A Georgia company admitted they were tricked into giving access to their database to criminals.

ChoicePoint will be sending letters to people whose information was stolen over the next few days.

Identity theft could take some time to detect.

Red flags include:

*Phone calls and letters about credit you never applied

*Credit card charges that aren't yours

*Bills that stop arriving.

Here are some things to do if your identity has been stolen:

*Close all of your accounts

*Ask that your credit report be flagged with a fraud alert tag and a victim's statement.

*Insist in writing the alert remain in place for the maximum 7 years.

*Also call the Federal Trade Commission to enter the theft into a national database.

Here are some helpful links:

Equifax Credit Reporting Agency

TransUnion Credit Reporting Agency

Experian Credit Reporting Agency

Federal Trade Commission