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Nationwide releases wackiest pet names of 2015

We all have names: some unique, others more traditional. But all names help us develop our identity.

The sames goes for pets, but their names tend to be a bit more outlandish.

Nationwide Insurance combed through more than 500,000 pet names. They got the names from people who have pet insurance with the company.

After compiling all the names they let the public decide which were the wackiest. Below you'll find the names that ranked 11-50 for dogs and cats. Click here to see the top 10.


11. A Bit Of Dallas
12. Abigail Tubbs Mccord
13. Alexanders Hawaiian Exposure
14. Baby Bam Bam Bono
15. Bailey Blueeyes Fritts
16. Blue Boy Silverbullet
17. Cheesesteak Riley
18. Choco Taco
19. Chowbella The Second
20. Colonel Pretzel Plet
21. Foxy Skittles Dicker
22. Fryes Rascal Prince Jasper
23. Goober Mcfatkins
24. Governor Smalls
25. Hearsay Rainey Day Skirnick
26. Hunk Heartbreaker
27. Kotton Top Of Kabeara
28. Krystal Creeks Black Brambles
29. Kugel Twotwo
30. Kuklos Mou Lazar Carl
31. Living N Slow Motion
32. London Mon Smoochie
33. Lord Chubby Pruneface
34. Lord Ozzie Portsand Barksworth
35. Moxie Moo Mcfarland
36. Naughty Bugatti
37. Patrick Van Spatula
38. Patty Cakes Pretty Girl
39. Pluto Money Montgomery
40. Polly Dolly Doodle
41. Pom Pom Hollywood
42. Prince Patches Ohoulihan The Third Of Wilshire
43. Reuben Sandwich
44. Sammi Cappucccino
45. Schnitzeltooth
46. Simon Wiggles Potato
47. Sir Tubby Tater Jordan
48. Tuffy The Wonder Dog
49. Zues Of The Mountain
50. Zulu Lightning Floyd


11. A Boy Named Suzy
12. Admiral Sebastian Ellery Meowington
13. Brad Kitt Aka Bk
14. Breezy Chatter Bug
15. Catfish Bob
16. Catrick Swayze
17. Chakkachip
18. Cheddarbob
19. Chicklet Chicken Little
20. Clark Cat Super Kitty
21. Dizzy Heart Cow
22. Dudley Dowrong
23. Dusty Mop
24. Edward Scissor Paws
25. Fezzywig
26. Furball Tinytot
27. Fuzzbucket
28. George W Cat
29. Harry Mustard
30. Johnnie On The Spot
31. Lambeau Batman
32. Lazy Destroyer
33. Madame La-Tea-Ta De La Fontaine
34. Morpholomew
35. Mr. Puddin La Pew
36. Ms. Tuftytoes
37. Phatty Meow Meow
38. Pretty Floyd Boy The Second1
39. Razmin Jazmin
40. Rikki Tikki Tavi
41. Rumblemuffin
42. Six Pack
43. Smooth Operator Eddie
44. Thelonious Monkey
45. Thumbs Hemingway
46. Tigress Tasha
47. Toby Turbo
48. Tommy Twotimes
49. Trinity Sweetypaws
50. Tuxedo Burrito Camino

"Every year our database expands, and we see more and more creative pet names," Curtis Steinhoff, director pet insurance, said. "Many times the most interesting part of a pet's name is the story behind it." 

To read about how the owners that made the top 10 came up with their pet's names, click here.

To learn more about Nationwide's pet insurance, click here.

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