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Hot tips for a healthy garden

Brittney Bryant Brittney Bryant

Whether you are growing something edible or something to brighten up your front yard, you need to know the proper watering techniques.

After several months, tomatoes, green onions and various herbs are flourishing in my garden. I’m extremely invested in the growth of my plants, so I wanted to find the best time to water them in order to maximize growth and water usage.

1. It’s best to water your garden or yard in the morning when humidity levels are lowest. Lower humidity + light winds= less evaporation. Therefore, the water stays in the soil instead of evaporating into the air. Avoid watering in the evening. Without the sunshine to dry the water, the droplets will sit on the plant and can cause mildew. Mold or mildew can be especially hazardous to your vegetable garden.

2. Make sure you really soak the soil. The general rule of thumb is that the soil should be moistened 6 inches down in order for the water to reach the full extent of the roots. You can use a small shovel or spade to lift up the soil. If it’s dry 6 inches down, you need more water!

3. Water slowly. If you quickly soak the plant, you may not be getting the roots of the plant saturated. You want to make sure the plant AND the root system is soaked with water.

4. Be careful not to water too much. Not only is it a waste of water, but watering already wet soil (i.e. from rain!) can actually be just as harmful as not watering at all. So, pay attention to the weather. The Stormtrack 5 App is free and it gives you the hourly forecast for that day. If rain is in the forecast, you might want to avoid watering.

5. Water your garden two to three times a week. Of course, still check the soil (6 inches rule mentioned above) every day if you can! In the south, we stay humid most days in the Summer, so you may only need to water the garden twice in a week. However, potted plants dry out faster, so you may have to water those every day! 

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