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Woman hit by 'throwed roll' files lawsuit against Lambert's Cafe

(Source: KFVS / Raycom Media) (Source: KFVS / Raycom Media)
Sikeston, MO (WMC) -

The signature 'throwed rolls' at Lambert's Cafe draw customers from across the country. But it's what they are best known for that prompted a lawsuit filed by a woman who claims she was injured during the main event.

"I think everybody that I talk to that's from different states, this is the place that they want to eat, is Lambert's," said customer Emily Moore. "Sikeston's noted for that."

But, Troy Tucker was not as delighted by the flying bread as most patrons are. She filed a lawsuit against the restaurant, claiming she suffered serious and permanent injuries as a result of one of the restaurant's employees throwing bread rolls at customers.

The lawsuit states that Tucker suffered a lacerated cornea when a roll hit her. She also sustained head and neck injuries, and her vision is permanently damaged.

The suit, filed out of a firm in St. Louis, asks for at least $25,000, claiming medical bills have already reached $10,000.

Memphis attorney Laurie Hall said the lawsuit will probably come out favorably for the restaurant.

"You know that when you go in to eat there, you will have rolls tossed at you," Hall explained. "Unless the roll was tossed at this individual in a way that was out of the ordinary or an aberration, that's going to be a complete defense toward a negligence claim."

A Lambert's Cafe general manager said this is not the first time a customer sought money after getting hit by a roll. Often times, the restaurant's insurance will pay medical expenses.

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