Defense presents case in the O.C. Smith trial

Today, the defense began presenting its case in the O.C. Smith trial.

Yesterday, compelling photos were released.

Court was not in session Monday, but the photos were released to Action News 5.

One picture shows the area where Smith claims he was attacked and bound with barbed wire with a bomb strapped to his neck.

Prosecutors say the picture clearly shows how dirty the ground was outside the medical examiner's office and that Smith's clothes should have been "dirtier" when he was found.

Another photo released shows a closer view of the bomb police found strapped to Smith.

In the picture, the words etched into the top of the device says "Steel in the hand of the king of kings."

There's no word on what that message could mean.

Prosecutors say Smith staged the attack on himself back in July of 2002.

There's still no decision whether O.C. Smith will take the stand.