Dr. Adrian Rogers will step aside in a few short weeks

He is the pastor of the Mid-South's largest single congregation. But in a few short weeks, Dr. Adrian Rogers will step aside. Action News 5 sat down to talk with Pastor Rogers about all that he's accomplished over the past 32 years, what his vision is for the church and, of course, how he feels about his impending farewell.

For the past 32 years he's guided Bellevue Baptist to the status of a mega church, a sprawling campus, 30,000 members. Pastor Adrian Rogers says it's more than even he ever imagined. Pastor Adrian Rogers, Bellevue Baptist Church said, "Sometimes people see these buildings and whatever, and they say, oh, what a vision you had. I didn't have a vision for this. This happened to us. My vision has been to preach the Bible, to be faithful, to live with integrity, work with excellence. I want to pastor a growing church, not necessarily a big one, but a growing one." And now the church must undergo yet another growing pain.

Next month, 73-year-old Rogers will preach his final sermon as Bellevue's head pastor. "This church needs a younger pastor. There was no pressure to ask me to step down. I could stay for years. But I have enough sense to know that they need another pastor, a younger man, who can plan with them into the future." Rodgers says it hasn't always been easy. "Just a lot of little challenges every day. I haven't been swallowed by whales, I've been nibbled by minnows" For now, he's preparing for what's sure to be a difficult farewell.. "I would be telling a fib if I said that my heart is not torn about this." Rogers preaches his last sermon March 6th. But he will continue his TV and radio ministries. He will teach seminary and he's started a pastor training institute.

Tonight at ten, What brought him to tears, plus his vision for our city and what he thinks about leadership in the City of Memphis.