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Man accused of killing Susan McDonald being held without bond, another believed to be involved

Susan McDonald (Source: Family) Susan McDonald (Source: Family)
Anthony Olivo (Source: SCSO) Anthony Olivo (Source: SCSO)

Investigators believe two people may have been involved in the killing of Germantown resident Susan McDonald in Cordova.

Police said Anthony Olivo, 36, admitted to being part of the attempted robbery that ended in McDonald's death, but Olivo said he was not alone.

The man thought to have been working with Olivo is in custody on unrelated charges. Police are calling the man a person of interest and are questioning him about the murder and robbery.

McDonald was shot and killed August 1 outside of a friend's home in the 8400 block of Bazemore Road in Cordova.

Olivo has a lengthy criminal record, including cocaine possession, DUI, theft, and more. He is being held without bond. 

"I took off going down there and jumped out of the car, and Leslie said 'someone just killed my best friend,'" a neighbor said. 

Neighbors said the morning Susan McDonald was shot in her friend’s driveway has replayed in their minds for the last two weeks. They say hearing gun shots in their normally quiet neighborhood and seeing her in the driveway was disturbing. 

"I just wish she could have shot first," a neighbor said. 

Neighbors say after arriving to her friend’s home, McDonald called the homeowner to tell her she was there. They said that's when Olivo went to the vehicle to rob her. They said there was a scuffle and at some point, McDonald reached for her weapon, but Olivo shot first. 

"Her instinct was to get them away from her and not really shoot, and I think that's what happened is she waited instead of shooting. They approached her car and I don't know if they pulled her out or what; it was so quick. She didn't have a chance to fire at them," a neighbor said. 

Since McDonald’s death, neighbors say nothing has been the same. 

"I’ve seen less people walking their dogs or even walking in the evenings in the last couple weeks than I've ever seen before in this neighborhood," said Tom Norrad. 

More people are installing surveillance cameras on their home. One neighbor’s camera shot video of a man walking up to his door, ringing the door bell and running away just a few days ago. 

"That was pretty scary that they came up to the door," a neighbor said.  

They say Olivo’s arrest has brought some closure to the neighborhood but it isn't enough to bring normalcy back to this street.

"We shouldn’t have to worry about being in our driveways and being attacked," said Norrad. 

Olivo is due back in court on August 24. 

Neighbors said his arrest makes them feel safer, but they know it will still be a while until things are back to normal.

"I think it will take a little time," one neighbor said. "Just because this guy has been arrested doesn't mean there isn't anyone else out there that will follow suit."

Police have not identified the person Olivo said helped him during the robbery and murder.

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