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'Sea of red' demands justice for Hispanic shooting victim

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A group of activists want to share a message after a violent weekend left a Hispanic man dead: Hispanic lives matter.

The group behind the latest message is organizing a caravan that will make its way around the city in an effort to make their voices heard. The group is calling their caravan a "sea of red," paying tribute to Hispanics who have died.

"We all just want to get together and promote peace in the community," said Daniel Flores.

The new push by Hispanics comes after the shooting death of 27-year-old Giovanny Lopez, who was shot at his apartment complex after grocery shopping. 

"This is the land of the free, supposedly, and up to this day, that's not what it's looking like," Flores added.

Despite MPD recently establishing a Hispanic task force to bridge the gap, many Hispanics say they still want to see police officers do more and take their cases more seriously.

"We don't feel like they look at us as a priority," Flores said. "We see that they do more for a certain race than they do others."

The caravan is planned to make its way through Memphis as a way to demand justice for Giovanny and others. 

"This is a sea of red for all of our brothers that have been killed from our black brothers and from our Hispanic brothers and our white brothers," Flores explained.

The group is praying for more unity in the community.

"It's not just the Hispanic community. We're doing this in memory of Darrius Stewart, also," Patricio Gonzalez said.

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