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Mayoral race heats up with latest debate

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The Memphis Mayoral debate held another debate Wednesday, this time at the University of Memphis.

Those looking to unseat Mayor A C Wharton came with a plan to make their mark.

"Nobody can trust these people, and that's why he's pointing his finger to Jim and I," said candidate Harold Collins.

Collins and candidate Jim Strickland took aim at A C Wharton during what was one of their biggest chances to make a mark, but the mayor came prepared.

"The mess they had created before I got there by not listening, and I don't understand Mr. Strickland, he's a lawyer," Mayor Wharton said.

There was back and forth blame concerning everything from budget cuts to crime.

"Crime is down, unemployment is down, employment is up," Wharton said.

"Violent crime has increased over the last three years by nine percent," countered Strickland.

Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams was the fourth participant, and he took the opportunity to blame those at city hall.

"The mayor has been mayor for six years, almost,” Williams said. “My other esteemed colleagues have been on the city council for eight years, so, if we're in a predicament, it's because of the decisions that have been made."

Some observers still say it is A C Wharton’s race to lose.

"You have someone who has a record, not merely promises," Wharton said.

There’s not much time to make up the minds of many undecided voters.

Exit polls were handed out following the debate.

To watch the debate from earlier this month hosted by WMC Action News 5, click here.

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