Defense attorneys had the floor Tuesday

Defense attorneys for former Shelby County medical examiner O.C. Smith had the floor Tuesday. O.C. Smith and his attorneys left the courtroom confident as the defense started putting on its proof for the first time. Jim Garts, Smith's attorney said, "I can't really make a comment right now. Things are going great and we're pressing forward. Hopefully we'll wrap this case up this week." The defense called two Shelby County Sheriff's deputies who work across from the Regional Forensics Center. The men testified they saw a man hanging around the front of the Center three days before O.C. Smith was attacked. Detective Gary Hood told jurors the man appeared "mad." "his whole demeanor, he was upset about something." Hood testified the man was cleanly dressed and did not appear homeless. Another defense witness, Memphis police Lt. Richard Borgers, was the first investigator on the scene to see Smith still bound in barbed wire with a bomb strapped around his neck. He testified Smith told him to "stay back." Borgers told jurors Smith was "trembling, shaking, sweating, profusely. He had saliva and spit on his chin. His voice was barely audible." "He appeared scared to death, looked like he was about to pass out." When asked if he thought Smith could have staged his own attack, Borgers said, "I don't believe he could have done it to himself." The next witness, Dr. Jesse Cannon, an M.D., and expert for the defense testified, "It is my opinion that those events as outlined by Dr. Smith are consistent with the evidence." Cannon looked at Smith's statement about the attack and photos and concluded his injuries matched what he said happened. Dr. Jesse Cannon, defense witness said, "The medical records were consistent with what he said."