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Police chief quells doubt in Corinth officer shooting

Kevin Parker Jr. (Source: Facebook) Kevin Parker Jr. (Source: Facebook)
(Source: Corinth Police Department) (Source: Corinth Police Department)

Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and Corinth Police Department increased the reward for information in the shooting of officer Kevin Parker Jr.

MBI and CPD continue to investigate and are offering a $10,500 reward for help identifying and locating the shooter.

Officer Parker was shot Wednesday morning while investigating a possible prowler at a woman's home. The brand new bulletproof vest he was wearing is credited with saving his life. He is now recovering in a Tupelo hospital.

People living in Corinth, Mississippi are on edge because the person who shot Officer Parker is still at large.

"There is no telling," Ronnie Frazier said. "If he comes back, I hope they catch him."

Corinth Police Chief Ralph Dance said evidence found at the scene helped K-9 officers get a scent of the person who shot Parker. The dogs never caught up with the shooter, but the evidence is now with forensic scientists who are working to extract DNA from it.

Dance said evidence at the scene and Officer Parker's testimony match up. He said anyone doubting that Officer Parker was shot while trying to protect his community is wrong.

"For anybody to put that out there that this man has shot himself twice, once in his chest  and once in his shoulder is ludicrous," Dance said.

Many people posted comments online and called Corinth Police Department questioning Officer Parker Jr.'s story. They said the story was just too incredible to believe.

"We found evidence at the crime scene that someone else was there and there was a struggle. This officer was shot point blank. I mean he's got a hole in his chest where the bullet penetrated that vest," Chief Dance said.

"It's just coincidental that his dad just happens to work for the company that we bought them from. That has nothing to do with politics," he added. "We purchased these vests before his dad even ever qualified for office."

Still, doubters are pointing to other coincidences in the case, like why the officer's dash camera was not working at the time of the shooting and why there was gunshot residue on Parker's hands.

"If I shoot a gun and me and the guy are struggling over the gun and the gun goes off, I'm going to have gunshot residue on my hand. Just like he's going to have gunshot residue on his hands," Dance explained. "We got a prowler call at the same location earlier, and he's back over doing his job. For anybody to insinuate this boy has done anything like this, it's just crazy."

In the meantime, the search continues for Officer Parker's shooter with only a vague description of what he looks like. He's described as a black man, approximately 5' 9" tall and weighing between 200 to 250 pounds.

Call 662-286-3377 if you have any information on the case. 

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