Ford says no comment when it comes to the ethics investigation

Whether he's at home in Memphis or at work in Nashville, the answer from state Senator John Ford is no comment when it comes to the ethics investigation. Action News 5 reporter George Brown is in Nashville covering education on the Hill. Tuesday he stopped by Senator John Ford's office to see if he had any comments on his legal troubles or the ongoing ethics investigation. He didn't get far.

Office Worker: "It's just...he knows you are here. That's pretty much it so, he's not available."

Reporter: "Can you let him know though?"

Office Worker: "He's aware. I just told him about 5 minutes ago that you are outside, but he knows you are waiting for him. I'm sorry. I'm going to ask you to leave because he's not available to speak right now."

Reporter: "That's all right. We can wait."

And George waited. Minutes later another office worker came back asking our crew to leave. Tuesday afternoon we received a fax from Ford's attorney. "Senator Ford will have no further comment on the impending ethics issues until after the investigation is completed, or at a more appropriate time. Please take notice that hereafter any intrusion on Senator Ford's private property will be considered a trespass." The letter was signed Edward Bearman. Now in that last statement he is referring to visits to his private property. Our visit Tuesday was to his state office in Nashville, which is on public property.