Infected cell phones

First the worry was computer viruses. Now the concern is infected cell phones and how a new virus may leave you disconnected. The kind of virus we are talking about is already causing problems for cell phones in the Philippines and other foreign countries. And now this cell phone problem is creeping into the U.S. At Cellular Renewal, a business which repairs cell phones for a number of major Memphis companies, workers were talking about how a new kind of virus called Caribe is causing problems for cell phones. Craig Ostrow, Mgr. Cellular ReNewal said,  "They're getting into it similar through how viruses might be gotten in through computers." However, the virus is only affecting so-called smart phones or those with Bluetooth technology that have wireless headsets. "So if you're walking, driving or running you don't need to hold your phone, it's very convenient." The virus is taking advantage of that convenience. Experts say the virus can travel 10 to 100 yards to deliver a corrupt program that infects Bluetooth equipped phones. And once that virus is inside your phone it could drain your batteries. Technicians worry this is just the beginning. The problem could become more damaging. Technician say protecting your phone may be as easy as using a little common sense. They say don't open or install programs on your phone if you don't know the sender. Several weeks ago the virus was spotted on a phone in California. Officials say programs are already being designed to stop the virus from spreading to other phones.