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Hard-working Memphian targeted, attacked during power nap

Lloyd Green (Source: MPD) Lloyd Green (Source: MPD)
Krystle Davis (Source: WMC Action News 5) Krystle Davis (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Krystle Davis can barely walk.

She was attacked in a shopping mall parking lot in Fox Meadows.        

At 4 a.m. August 7, Davis finished her 12-hour shift at her job in Olive Branch.

She had one hour to spare until she had to report to work for her second job, which was in Hickory Hill.

"I was trying to get 30 minutes to an hour of sleep. Then I could get to work on time," Davis said.

Davis pulled into a deserted parking lot at the Cottonwood Strip Mall to nap inside her car--a decision safety experts said was not the right one.        

She then parked in an area that was not well-lit, further putting her safety in jeopardy. 

Memphis police said Lloyd Green watched Davis from the shadows.

He told police he wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.

When he saw Davis sleeping in her car, he put on a ski mask and gloves and grabbed a knife.     

Unaware someone was watching her, Davis made herself more vulnerable by getting out of her car to take a bathroom break.

Davis opened the driver's side door and that is when Green appeared out of nowhere and stabbed her repeatedly, according to Memphis investigators.

"I repeatedly kicked him in the face as he was constantly stabbing me," Davis said. "I'm trying to take the knife, footing him, while his face is constantly hitting my door."

Davis' decision to fight back ultimately saved her.

Police said Lloyd ran away and Davis was able to drive to the Mt. Moriah precinct for help. 

Personal security expert Jay Carrick said there is a lot to be learned from Davis' decisions that day.         

To stay safe in a similar situation, Carrick shared these tips:

  • Stay in populated areas.
  • Park in well-lit parking lots.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Don’t get out of the car in dark areas.
  • Use your hands, feet, and the car itself as weapons if needed.

"[The heel of your hand] is nothing but bone," Carrick said. "You can hit him in the nose, hit him in the face, the chin. I prefer the nose because it's a pressure point. If he is not budging, you have your door as a weapon--slam him up in it."  

Your goal is to put distance between yourself and your attacker.

"You can use mace in your vehicle, which I advise everyone to carry mace," Carrick said. "Or if you are pro-Second Amendment, you can carry your weapon in a situation like that, if you feel it's life or death."

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