Ethics committee continues John Ford probe

Action news 5 tried to speak to Senator John Ford in his Nashville office, but:

"I'm sorry I'm going to ask you to leave the office actually," Ford said.

We weren't turned away once, but twice; and the last time the door was locked and a fax was sent to our General Manager.

It says, quote: "Senator Ford will have no further comment on the impending ethics issues until after the investigation is completed, or at a more appropriate time. Until that time, Senator Ford's response to any questions by the news media will be "no comment."

Ford even sent the Capitol police after us as we waited outside his office.

"The Senator made a special request that you all not stand outside his office waiting on him," the officer said.

But according to Senator Ron Ramsey, head of the ethics committee investigating Ford, we had the right to be right where we were.

"I do think it is public property up here in the General Assembly as long as you are up in the halls and things of that nature," Ramsey said.

Ford has been subpoened by the ethics committee because of questions about whether he lives in his district and from where all his income comes.

"There have been three valid complaints filed with the ethics committee and in the next week or so we will be moving forward with those," Ramsey said.

That may be the first time we hear from Ford--for now the closest we can get is the other side of a glass window. Ethics Committee Chair Ron Ramsey said they'll handle the probe in a grand jury fashion, and others on the ethics committee say they'll tread lightly.