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A Better Mid-South: Elvis 5K encouragement

Editorial by WMC Action News 5 General Manager Tracey Rogers:

I enjoy hearing from you about the good things going on in the Mid-South and recently, I got an email I thought was worthy of sharing.

One of our WMC Action News 5 friends wrote to tell us about her experience running or actually walking the Elvis 5K.

She mentioned the lovely homes on the route in Whitehaven with sprinklers and how the people who live there cheered for the walkers. 

She talked about the homeowners, mostly black, and the runners, mostly white, but a mix of black and white, old and young enjoyed the event together. 

Police helped with traffic and volunteers handed out water while cheering folks on. Again black and white, the volunteers were playing Elvis tunes and shouting encouragement. 

She was upset this wasn't the story she saw on the news that night.

I do understand and want to encourage you to share these stories with us. If you have a way to take some pictures, that would be even better. 

You can always email those to us at abettermidsouth@wmctv.com.

Tell us the good stories going on in Memphis and the Mid-South that make this A Better Mid-South.

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