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Bikers honor fallen Officer Bolton with benefit ride

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

"He is a coward he is a cold-blooded murderer. God will get him."

That is what Jennifer Bolton, the sister of slain Memphis police officer Sean Bolton had to say about Tremaine Wilbourne, the man accused of her brother's murder in an exclusive interview with WMC Action News 5.

Sunday, a group of bikers held a benefit ride in Bolton's memory.

The caravan of motorcycles took off from the East Memphis precinct where Bolton worked before his death.

Bolton's sister said she is amazed at how her brother's sacrifice will be able to help other families who have gone through what she has.

"Even in death he's doing more, bringing all of us together, all of us," Jennifer Bolton said. "All lives matter; my brother's life mattered."

Meanwhile, Wilbourne's family organized fundraisers to help pay for a lawyer following Tremaine's arrest. Jennifer Bolton had something to say to them.

"I would like to tell his sister she can see her brother at 201 Poplar. I can't," Bolton said. "It's wrong; it's crazy. Why would you raise money for a murderer? Yes, he has children, but he should have taught his children better."

Bolton and her husband, above all, said they were amazed by the outpouring of support.

"I'm just overwhelmed to see such support for my brother-in-law and a fellow marine," said James Head, Bolton's husband.

Through her smile, however, Jennifer said her family is holding up as reality of his death sinks in.

"It's very surreal and I'm still in shock that he's gone," Bolton said.

Memphis police officers followed close behind the caravan that included an army of motorcycle clubs from the Law Dogs to the Christian Motorcycle Association.

"It's heart touching when you see all these bikes out like they are," said Johnny Rivera of the Patriot Guard. "They are all out here with the same feeling, to honor this police officer that passed away."

The caravan made its was from East Memphis to the Sam's Club on Covington Pike where the store sponsored food, fun and family activities as a way to say thanks to the officers in the area.

"These people put their lives on the line every day so that we can be safe," said organizer Frank Barton.

Jennifer Bolton said her brother loved riding motorcycles too and he would be pleased to see hundreds of people riding together in unity.

"He's smiling big," she said. "He's loving it and he's also liking the fact that his sister dyed her hair pink just for him."

All money raised from the event will go to the Memphis Police Benevolent Fund and to Officer Bolton's family.

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