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Mayoral candidates engage in Twitter battle


The gloves are off in the Memphis mayoral race. 

Candidates and campaign staffers had an epic Twitter battle over the weekend. 

A C Wharton’s staffer said it is about calling a spade a spade.

Jim Strickland summed it up as juvenile.

Harold Collins’ campaign did not have any response.

The war began Thursday when Wharton staffer Ken Taylor tagged Strickland and Collins in a tweet that said, “More than doubling women and minority businesses. Kind of destroys your 'we haven’t done anything' line, huh?”

Collins replied with, “Let’s see the list? I will wait.”

Taylor then responded with, "You're a council member. Why ask a campaign staffer for something you have access to?"

Saturday, Collins posted a tweet of retiring meteorologist Dave Brown hugging Ron Childers. The captain said, “True leadership is knowing when it’s time to move on and preparing someone to step up. #TheModel”

"I think it's important for all the citizens of Memphis for us to call them out when they say things that aren't true," said A C Wharton Campaign Staffer Ken Taylor.

Saturday, Wharton posted a photo from the gas and groceries for guns event.

Strickland issued a rebuttal: "According to years of research, gun buy back programs are political 'photo ops' that don't work. #TimeForChange."

"He says he wants to be an agent for change and he wants to be a leader. Those things start with a plan and he doesn't have one," Taylor said.

Strickland said the exchange was a game.

"It's just really silly, youthful games," Strickland said. "What I'm more interested in is implementing programs that actually reduce violent crime. The violent crime rate has gone up over the last three years by eight percent.”

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