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Pepper spray used to break up middle school fight

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Only 12 days into a new school year for Shelby County Schools students, and the district has seen its share of incidents.

Police officers and paramedics responded to Colonial Middle School after hearing about a "large, out-of-control" fight inside.

Four students were involved in a fight around lunchtime on Tuesday. A school resource officer used pepper spray to break it up. 

“We were in the cafeteria and this boy had hit this girl,“ said student Antria Foster. “Everybody was hollering and crying and stuff."

Then, somehow, two more students got involved.

“They said the boy, he was starting stuff and he had got up and hit her back in her head,” Foster said.

Tamika Richmond said her son was in the fight.

“My main concern is why they thought pepper spray was needed to break up some 14 year olds,” Richmond said.

SCS said the officer used the pepper spray to gain control.

“My child was direct contact with the pepper spray,” Richmond added.

SCS said 17 students were tested for exposure, but no one was injured. No arrests were made in connection with the fight.

Previous incident

Just last week, a sheriff's deputy was assaulted by students at Booker T. Washington High School. 

Parents say they want to see more being done by SCS to keep everyone safe.

"They need protection in these schools," said parent Lashaundra Monger. "You send your kids to school to learn, so they need protection in these schools."

But Monger isn't just concerned with her child's protection.

"I'm upset and I'm about to go and find out why we weren't contacted about that [the fight at Colonial Middle School]," she added.

SCS said they were notifying parents about the incident on Tuesday afternoon.

SCS was asked about its plans to ensure safety at the schools this year, but WMC Action News 5 has yet to receive an answer to the question.

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