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MSU placed on lockdown after student reportedly made violent threats

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The person reported to be an "active shooter" on Mississippi State University's campus is now in custody.

Chaos ensued as the school went on lockdown and issued a report about an active shooter on campus. 

"We got outside and they told us to run, run, so we had to run back inside," said student Alison Martin.

Despite the alert saying there was an "active shooter" on campus, the university said no shots were fired, and investigators did not find a weapon.

MSU officials identified the suspect as freshman computer science major Phu-Qui "Bill" Nguyen from Madison, Mississippi.

According to a representative from the university, Nguyen called an agency in Jackson and said that he was considering suicide and harming others.  That agency then immediately notified the university.

"We will always be aggressive and err on the side of caution," said MSU media relations spokesperson Sid Salter. "No shots were fired during this incident. No weapon was recovered during this."

Nguygen was reported near Lee Hall, but taken into custody at McCool Hall. 

Several videos show students sprinting for safety out of fear following the emergency alert.

(Warning, at least one of these videos contains language that could be considered offensive.)

To watch the video taken from a classroom, click here.

To watch videos from the campus' ground level, click here and here.

"We heard sirens and we didn't know what was going on, and then the nice gentleman over here ... I don't know what his name was, but he was so sweet, he said, 'Get in the building. We have a shooter! We have a shooter. An active shooter.' All me and my coworkers could do was just run," said Pam Suell, who works in Facilities Management at MSU.

Social media fueled the frenzy with a flurry of incorrect reports-- multiple gunmen, shots fired at various locations, people hurt.  Most of these reports were quickly proven false.  Messages from the campus alert system cut through most of the bogus reports when the suspect was taken into custody just minutes after the lockdown began.

"I got up and locked my door and I stayed safe and made sure everything was good," said MSU student Marshon Shorter. "I'm glad they stopped him and nothing got escalated."

MSU gave students the "all clear" just before 11 a.m. Classes and campus operations resumed at 2 p.m. 

No injuries are reported at this time.

Nguyen faces disorderly conduct charges and officials referred him to a medical facility for a routine mental and psychological evaluation.

The MSU Police Department released the transcript of the call from the Mississippi Highway Patrol to warn them about the potential threat:

MHP: Hey, Tina. Quinton Williams. I’m with the MS Hwy Patrol. You guys are aware you are going to possibly have an active shooter on campus at this time?

MSU: No. I had a suicide call from Jackson saying the guy was suicidal at Carpenter Hall. What was she (the caller) saying to you?

MHP: Well, she was saying the guy was going to actually shoot others as well as himself. He’s, at this point, in Carpenter Hall.

MSU: Did she say what room?

MHP: She did not say what room that he was in, but they still have her actively on the line as we are speaking now. The subject’s name is Bill Nguyen. He is going to be an Oriental male. Does that help any?

MSU: MSU to all units, we have a possible active shooter in Carpenter Hall. This is not a test. Vietnamese male. Do not know what floor.  Just know he’s a Vietnamese male by the name of Bill. This is not a test.

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