Senator John Ford's personal financial documents made public

A court ruling made more than a thousand pages of Senator John Ford's personal financial documents public. It comes at a time Ford is under scrutiny for testimony made during a child support hearing in Memphis. State Senator John Ford was in Nashville Wednesday, but he was at the center of a case argued in Juvenile Court. Ford's attorney argued that financial records used in a hearing to modify child support payments for one of Senator Ford's children should not be released to the media. Lucian Pera argued to have the documents released on behalf of the Commercial Appeal. Lucian Pera, attorney said, "The bottom line is that the courts of Tennessee are open. That's mandated by the constitution. The federal constitution the Tennessee constitution, it's been the law for hundreds of years." And the judge agreed, allowing Juvenile Court Clerk, Steve Stampson to release the documents. But the attention surrounding the Ford case has prompted the court clerks office to notify attorneys of the media request. Steve Stampson, Juvenile Court Clerk said, "I sent them a letter after the fact and instituted a new policy and we'll do that in the future. If they object, they'll have a hearing or if they don't object and they send me a letter to release it, I'll release it."