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From flipping a coin to keeping you safe, Dave Brown has done it all

(Source: Dave Brown) (Source: Dave Brown)

Flash back to the 1970s... Bob Lewis was a night-time producer and director at WHBQ, where Dave Brown not only got a job doing the weather, but also "Dialing for Dollars!"

"Across the hall from the radio side, across the hall from me was an overnight disc jockey by the name of Dave Brown," Lewis recalled. "Come on over to the studio and let's practice a couple of nights and then let's make an audition tape and we can present it to the boys upstairs. He did, and the rest is history."

WMC Action News 5 soon lured him to 1960 Union Avenue, where he has been ever since.

For a time, instead of the 5-day forecast, it was the 5-Dave forecast... and even then...

"When the forecast doesn't work out, I result to the old coin flip," Dave said in a video pulled from the WMC Action News 5 archives.

Over the decades as technology improved, so did Dave. The guessing games ended and the gimmicks stopped.

During severe weather, viewers count on Dave's precision and calm demeanor. 

As a viewer's letter after a storm shows, they always turned to Dave for life-saving information.

"That day my hometown was destroyed. But, my mother, at home only with her small dog, survived," said the viewer's letter. "She was safe. I truly believe you are part of the reason she is still in my life today."

"Without question, his sincerity, that's not something you can fake," said National Weather Service Managing Meteorologist Jim Belles. "The public knows that. When Dave says something, people trust it."

Always the professional, Dave's style of forecasting made an impact not only on Mid-Southerners, but his peers, too.

"When people in the Mid-South think weather, they have to think Dave Brown," Today Show's Al Roker said. "Dave is not just a legend, but he is someone we all look up to. Not just in the Mid-South, but all across the country."

Dave Brown leaves some big shoes to fill, but he hand-picked the man to do it.

Ron Childers has studied under Dave Brown for 25 years.

"When Mason Granger was news director, he'd come to me and say, 'You know, Ron, Davie won't be around forever. Someone's going to have to replace him one day,'" Ron recalled. "I never thought that would be me. And I'd even talked about it with some other meteorologists in the business and their advice to me was 'never replace a legend. Replace the guy who replaces the legend. It's a much safer position to be in.'"

Thank you, Dave Brown, for keep all of us safe. And for leaving us in such good hands.

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