Wife testifies in O.C. Smith trial

O.C. Smith and his legal team were all smiles as they left federal court Wednesday. A day designed to show their jury the softer side of Smith.

"I thought it was important for them to see that O.C. Smith is a real man with a real family lives on a real farm," said Smith attorney Gerry Easter.

Marge Smith fought back tears recalling the day she waited for her husband to come home from his former job as medical examiner. Hours later she would learn that he was discovered outside his office strapped to a bomb and bound with barbed wire.

"I think the jury saw a woman that you know, Loretta Lynn said it best, I was just happy to have my man back," Easter said.

Mrs. Smith testified that the morning of the alleged attack her husband spent two hours helping her tend to the rose garden on their farm. In an effort to convince a jury that Smith staged his own attack, prosecutors have tried to establish Smith as a gun-toting military man able to defend himself. They asked Marge Smith seven times if her husband regularly carried a gun. Each time she would only reply, "he was authorized to carry one".

"I'm always more than willing to see the prosecution make a pretty woman cry," said Easter.