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'Lice Doctor' explains how to vanquish super lice

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It's an itch that just won't go away, and a growing problem in the Mid-South.

"I knew I had it because I started itching," said 5th grade cheerleader Maggie Turner. "I started crying."

Turner had lice. She got it at camp during the summer from another girl.

But she didn't have just any lice. Turner had what some are calling "super lice," resistant to over-the-counter medications. This more resilient strain is found in 25 states, including both Tennessee and Arkansas.

Though Turner's mother tried over-the-counter remedies, none of them worked.

"I'd never experienced it or had to deal with it before," said mom Emily Turner.

Emily looked for a new solution for her daughter.

"I just googled it and 'Lice Doctors' came up," Emily explained.

She found Debra Meadows, whose company Lice Doctors knows how to handle the tough bugs.

"When we go to a home, we get everything visible out," said Meadows.

After it's out of the child's hair, they can return to school. But if the lice laid eggs, a second round is on its way. Meadows uses cheap olive oil to coat the hair and suffocate the lice.

"The first night you sleep in olive oil, you're going to kill all the adults," Meadows explained.

After 21 days, a patient will be lice free. As an added bonus, the olive oil makes hair look and feel great. Plus, if you use it once a week, the lice won't come around again.

Hair products like gel and mouse work too to keep the pests away.

Lice are spread when hair touches. They don't jump. You can also get lice from the back of a seat, like in a movie theater.

Meanwhile, Maggie Turner is lice free and happy, but she had a warning for others.

"It's very itchy and you don't want to get it."

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