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Super moon: a bigger and brighter look

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Don’t forget to look up tonight! We are expecting a super moon tonight, which means this will be one of the biggest and brightest moons you’ve seen in 2015.

So what makes the moon so “super?” It has to do with the moon’s orbit around the earth. A super moon, also called a perigee moon, refers to a time when the moon is full and at its closest point to earth. The moon reaches a close point to earth a few times a year, but it typically only coincides with a full moon once or twice in a year. The next super moon will take place on September 28th , so if you still have another chance if you miss this one tonight.

During a super moon, the moon appears about 14% brighter and 7% bigger than an average full moon.

The best time to view the super moon tonight will be just after it rises above the horizon. Therefore, your picture perfect moon picture should be taken when the sun sets around 7:30 p.m.

You may have to stare at the sky for a little longer to catch a good view, though. Clouds will make it a little harder to view the moon, but there should be just enough breaks in the cloud cover for you to see it for at least a few minutes! Temperatures will still be in the 80s at sun set, so dress for a warm night if you’re going outdoors to get a glimpse of the super moon. 

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