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Memphis football plays scripted mock game Saturday

The Memphis Football team turned into a reality show Saturday morning. No, there was no drama, but much like the Bachelor or the Kardashians, Saturday's Tiger football mock game was completely scripted.

Coach Justin Fuente led the team into its first ever mock game, a way to give the younger Tigers a chance to go through the motions on game day and get used to pre-game preparations.

It's a new wrinkle for a program that has success with Fuente pressing the buttons. Fans got a chance to watch the team run through scripted plays on both offense and defense. The team built in everything from short gains, to fumble recovery touchdowns and long kick returns.

Quarterback Paxton Lynch showed off some impressive throws, albeit in a very controlled environment. Coach Fuente believed that his younger players benefited from the run-through.

"It was fairly evident that there were some guys who were completely comfortable with what was going on, and it was pretty evident that there were some young guys that were either in new roles that needed it and that's why we do it," said Fuente. "It's so everyone knows exactly what's expected of them and how it's gonna go."

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