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9 juvenile victims come forward in Lipscomb investigation

Robert Lipscomb (Source: WMC Action News 5) Robert Lipscomb (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Nine people came forward saying former Memphis Housing and Community Development Director Robert Lipscomb committed sexual crimes against them, according to Memphis CAO Jack Sammons. 

Wharton's spokeswoman did not specify what each allegation entailed. Jack Sammons later confirmed that all of the victims were under 18 when the reported instances of sexual abuse happened.

Fallout from the sex scandal continued Tuesday. 

Robert Lipscomb voluntarily stepped down from the LeMoyne-Owen College Board of Trustees. Another trustee will step up and serve in his place as chairman.

Lipscomb has also since resigned from his role as Memphis Housing and Community Development Director and is suspended with pay in his role as Memphis Housing Authority Director, which is a federally-funded position.

Lipscomb's lawyer said the resignation was in no way an indication that Lipscomb is guilty of any crimes. 

"He categorically denies having an improper relationship with anybody," attorney Ricky Wilkins said. "The timing of these allegations are very curious to us."

Memphis Chief Administrative Officer Jack Sammons considers Lipscomb a friend, but as sex abuse claims against him pile up, he's all but speechless.

"From what I've seen so far, it's stunning," Sammons said. "And that's the best way I can describe it."

The victim, whose allegations launched the investigation into Lipscomb's past, contacted Memphis Police Department in 2010, according to Mayor A C Wharton.

MPD Police Director Toney Armstrong said there were issues with the original 2010 complaint.

"There were issues as it relates to following up with the victim," Armstrong said. "He didn't have a stable address at that time."

The man who said Lipscomb abused him sent an email to WMC Action News 5 on Monday to explain why he decided to come forward. The man said he was a teenager when Lipscomb molested him.

"I'm the victim who was molested, victimized repeatedly, had my manhood taken and desecrated, and my world turned upside down. I became, bitter, consumed, and enveloped with rage,  anger, and most of all mental suffering, and confusion, due to my abuse from Mr. Lipscomb. Now that I have matured, got saved, have accepted the Lord in my life, learned forgiveness--with the help of my voluntary anger management--I realize I can't progress, I can't move forward with this great obstruction of justice, and this burden of hate and pain I carried for 10 long years...I'm ready to move forward with my life, love, and forgive, and be a better man as I pray to be. I can't do that with malice in my heart, and the memories of my turbulent, and devastating experience. I learned to live with the torment and despair, but now I want my life and freedom back."

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