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How to properly carry a firearm on a plane

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There is a right and a wrong way to travel with a gun. Wednesday, the Transportation Security Administration was in Memphis to give tips when flying with your firearm.

The TSA said they are seeing an increase in guns at checkpoints across the nation.

Last year, a record 2,212 firearms were discovered at airports in the United States.

“Here in Memphis, we had a total of 23 firearms come to the checkpoint last year,” said TSA Spokesperson Mark Howell.

Howell was at the Memphis International Airport Wednesday to explain how travelers should carry their guns when flying.

He demonstrated five basic steps: have your weapon in a hard-side case, unloaded, checked in, ticketed with the airline and locked.

That's a common mistake we see is someone will have a hard-sided suitcase and think ‘oh I'll just put my firearm in there,’ but they can get in trouble for that as well, so you need to have a stand-alone case that goes inside your other suitcase, and it needs to be locked,” Howell said.

The mistake can be costly. A maximum penalty with the TSA is $7,500.

The FAA requires ammunition to be properly packaged as well.

Loose gun powder is prohibited and is considered an explosive.

Howell said it is important to do your research before heading to the airport, because each airline has its own specific rules.

“On the website, there's a section for firearms and ammunition that outlines every step you need to take to travel with it safely,” he said.

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