What we are working on Thursday morning - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

What we are working on Thursday morning

Happy Thursday!

Here are some of the stories we're working on this morning on WMC:

There are new developments in a Memphis City Hall Sex Scandal. Investigators returned to Robert Lipscomb's home. We'll tell you everything we know about their latest visit. Plus, if you've missed anything in the investigation, click here to go through an easy to understand timeline of what happened.

The U.S. Treasury Department led a raid at Memphis Goodwill. The news raised a lot of eyebrows. We have details uncovered by the investigators. 

Crews will be back on the Hernando DeSoto Bridge to continue repairing lights. In the area of  I-40 over the Mississippi River where the two westbound lanes will be shut down again for maintenance.    

Beer and wine growlers are growing trend at grocery stores nationwide. Now Kroger is looking to step up its growler game in Midtown. 

Weather update: Heat and humidity are a part of the forecast today..Highs will be in the low to mid 90s. It's still summer and it's going to feel like it. Details on the day and weekend on WMC Action News 5 every 10 minutes.

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We are still giving away tickets to the Southern Heritage Classic and the Delta Fair at 6 a.m. Watch for the cue be the 5th caller and you will win!! Join us as we get going on this Friday eve on WMC Action News 5. We are live from 4:30-7 a.m.

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