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Reasons why no charges have been filed in Lipscomb investigation

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Robert Lipscomb has yet to face charges, though it has been five days since Memphis police first interviewed him about allegations that he committed sex crimes against a then 16-year-old boy.

Since the victim, now 26, says the crime happened 10 years ago, it has technically passed the statute of limitations.

Defense attorney Blake Ballin, who is not working on this case, said the statute of limitations for most sex crimes is four to eight years, but that doesn't make it void.

"That can always be worked around if there is evidence of a concealment of a crime," Ballin said.

That means if police find evidence that Lipscomb paid the victim to keep quiet, then that limitation would be lifted.

Monday, police conducted a search warrant at Lipscomb's home, and the former director of housing and community development told officers he maintained written and paper documents between himself and his accuser.

According to the warrant, investigators took a desktop computer, iPad, camcorder, and folder full of documents.

"If they seize a computer or other electronic devices, processing those takes some time."

We may never know what police found, because that isn't public record. If a charge is filed, however, the results of that investigation could be released if they are mentioned in a trial or pre-trial hearing.

So why hasn't there been an arrest in the case?

Ballin said that question is not an easy one.

"When you have a crime that has already been completed and an investigation is ongoing, that can delay things. Perhaps they are gathering more information, talking to the suspect, the victim," Ballin said. "Once they complete their investigation, they'll make an arrest, or perhaps they're not going to make an arrest."

Memphis police said they have no updates in the investigation, no arrests have been made, and no charges have been filed.

Meanwhile, Lipscomb's attorney said they are conducting an investigation of their own and will have more to say in the coming days.

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