Jury will begin deliberating Friday in the O.C. Smith trial

In June of 2002, former medical examiner O.C. Smith was found in a stairwell outside his office, bound in barbed wire with a bomb around his neck and with acid on his face. Tomorrow, a jury will have a chance to decide whether Smith did it to himself.

On the eve of a possible verdict, Dr. O.C. Smith told Action News Five he is optimistic and that he has survived the past two and a half years by virtue of his innocence.

"I've slept well every day. Innocence makes a soft pillow," he said.

In court, the case against him was handed to a jury after long closing arguments by both prosecutors and his defense team.

Lawyers for the government say Smith lied about being attacked and bound in barbed wire in June of 2002 and they've spent the past three weeks working to prove he did it to himself.

Differing reports suggest that when discovered, Smith had been positioned in the figure of a crucifixion. A motion sensing bomb was strapped to his chest.

"He's scared. Anybody would be. I mean, it's destroyed... In fact, I didn't use this in my argument but the fact is OC's now been crucified twice," said his lawyer Jerry Easter.

Smith has been silent about the facts of the case for the duration.

In court, he was visibly shaken by the closing remarks.

But coming out of the courthouse he gave no indication of fear.

"Everybody gives their summation and such like that and the jury goes back and they consider the facts and I hope they give it due consideration," he said.

The jury is due back in Federal Court at 8:45 tomorrow morning to begin deliberations.