Senate continues probe into John Ford's finances

According to his tax returns John Ford received $237,000 from a company called Managed Care Services. Ford failed to disclose those payments with the state which is required by law.

The director of TennCare asked Doral Dental to explain its relationship to Managed Care Services. A contract provided by Doral shows the company hired Manage Care Services to do consulting and marketing on their Tenncare contract.

State contracting law clearly forbids payments to state officials...and Managed Care Services agreed to uphold that law in their contract with Doral Dental. Doral fired Managed Care Services when news of the payments to Ford went public.

While the Senate Ethics committee looks into those payments, they've backed off a probe into Ford's residency. During a child support hearing in Memphis, Ford revealed he lives outside his district with two different families.

"The question then becomes what makes you a resident of the district," said Brooke Thompson, Tennessee election coordinator.

The state's coordinator of elections doubts the Senate will pursue any action against Ford on the residency matter, but they're not finished looking into Ford's financial dealings.

"I think the voters have to decide whether or not John Ford is qualified to represent them in the Senate," said Democratic Sen. Doug Jackson.