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A Better Mid-South: Brain drain


Editorial by WMC Action News 5 General Manager Tracey Rogers:

You may have heard of the brain drain going on here in Memphis and the Mid-South.  

That's where young people are getting high-level degrees and then moving elsewhere in the country to find work.

Rhodes is doing something to stop the exodus through community involvement and volunteerism.

I recently had the chance to tour the beautiful campus tucked away on the edge of Midtown.

The faculty under the direction of Rhodes President Dr. Bill Troutt came up with a plan to get their students invested in the community by encouraging them to make connections beyond the campus.  

More than 80 percent of Rhodes students engaged in some form of community service during the past school year.  

What Dr. Troutt and his team are finding is if you get involved in your community and give back, you are more likely to put down roots and stay.

More than 40 percent of the students from last year's graduating class are now working right here.

Could this be a lesson for all of us?  Get involved in your community, build a better future and a Better Mid-South.

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