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Police: Memphis College of Art sexual prowler caught

Patrick Harrington (Source: MPD) Patrick Harrington (Source: MPD)

The man suspected of sneaking into a dorm and holding a knife to a student's throat is now in jail.

Memphis police identified Patrick Herrington, 24, as the man caught on surveillance cameras on the Overton Park campus of Memphis College of Art.

The victim told police she woke up to find Herrington on top of her with a knife pointed at her face. He then took the knife toward her underwear in an attempt to cut them off.

He told her to shut up or he would kill her.

After she screamed, her roommate’s boyfriend ran in and scared Herrington away.

"It's really scary, like it’s scary to think about,” sophomore Rachel Leslie said. “But it wasn't anyone's fault that it happened. He went in the student's blind spot [when] they went in the gate."

Other students said they typically feel safe.

"You know there have been times in Overton park or whatever where I have been uncomfortable with people walking around of whatever,” Leslie said. “But never at my dorms have I felt like I haven't been safe and never at my school have I felt like I haven't been safe."

Herrington has no prior criminal record, but his father, Robert Herrington, said his son suffers from severe depression and Tourette’s syndrome.

His father said his son stopped taking his medication and that could be the reason for his recent actions.

"I feel bad that it happened, because it's not really something that you would want in your college experience to have someone come in your room," senior Samantha Zemazie said.

Herrington was a “ghost hunting” tour guide for Backbeat Tours for roughly a year but no longer works there. The company said of him:

"We were all shocked and surprised to learn about his apparent involvement with this terrible incident at the Memphis College of Art.”

Herrington faces charges of aggravated sexual battery, aggravated assault, and aggravated burglary.

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