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Social media post misinterpreted as threat against Olive Branch High

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

A post on social media sent Olive Branch High School parents into a panic Friday morning.

On the 14th anniversary of September 11, officers were at school to make sure everything was OK.

DeSoto County Schools said a student posted a message on social media Thursday night. That message was misinterpreted as a threat.

Investigators contacted the student, cleared up the confusion, and had the posts taken down.

Olive Branch police went to the school Friday morning to ensure everyone's safety and to make sure students and staff knew there was nothing to worry about.

Many parents called and messaged WMC Action News 5 confused and worried about the police presence, but we now know the reason behind their activity.

Olive Branch High School released the following statement:

Social media is a powerful tool that can quickly spread rumors, untruths and cause a school disruption with a few keystrokes. A letter will go home to parents stressing the importance of using social media responsibly.

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