In search of a Hollywood smile

If you've tried brushing, flossing, whitening and brightening and you're still not happy with your smile, well then this next story is for you. Recently Action News 5's Anna Marie Hartman had an extreme dental makeover and we were there to follow her on a quest for a Hollywood Smile.

I became self conscious about smiling at an early age. After taking high doses of antibiotics as a child, my teeth had yellowed and darkened. The damage was irreversible. I've spent a lot of time and money over the years in search of a Hollywood Smile so often seen in magazines. Memphis Dentist Scott Edwards recommended the ultimate mouth makeover. The perfect pearly whites can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. I'd tried whitening and bonding but neither gave me the look I was going for. Edwards explained crowns made of porcelain could be shaped and shined to my liking. And I liked the sound of that. The idea was exciting but expensive. Each individual crown can cost anywhere from $800-1,200. After a lot of thought and saving, I decided my dentist knew best. Be aware, "reduce" is the word dentists use for drilling. But after shots numbed my gums, I didn't feel a thing as Edwards whittled away at the old bonding, and eventually my real teeth beneath it, leaving me with what I like to call my scary little Gremlin teeth. The permanent crowns take several days to construct so I went home wearing a set of temporary teeth. Then came the least favorite part of the procedure. I hated the way the way the temporaries looked. They were uncomfortable, and I developed a slight lisp. My biggest concern was that my new permanent teeth would look and feel as bad. But I was only at the half way point on my journey to a Hollywood Smile.

Don't miss part two of this extreme dental makeover Friday night at 10:00. Anna Marie Hartman will unveil her new "Hollywood Smile" and she'll tell you about other less expensive ways to achieve a Hollywood Smile of your own. That's on Action News Five tonight at 10.

Anna Marie decided to do this on her own. She paid for the procedure and invited us to come along to document it.