Man suspected of shooting 6-year-old to death faces judge

The man accused of killing a six year old boy appeared in court Monday. Terrence Woods is charged with first degree murder for the death of Germinie Johnson. Woods is being held without bond. He has two weeks to get a lawyer. Meantime, the family of Germinie Johnson is trying to cope with the loss. As Terrence Woods stood before a Judge, across town, a mother shed tears. Belinda Franklin prepared for the funeral of her six year old son, Germinie Johnson. Franklin said, "The hardest part is thinking to myself if I could've moved a little quicker, If I would've looked and seen what he had." Franklin regrets not being able to protect her son from the man accused of storming into her sister's home and started shooting. But the arrest brings her some peace. "I was happy about it. But still broke up because you know my baby's still gone. Though he's in custody or whatever, It ain't gonna bring him back." Terrence Woods worked with Franklin's sister. But she says she never saw him before. "I don't know what was going through his head at the time. But what he did was wrong and I think he should've thought twice about what he did." Now all she can do is cry for the six-year-old who will never grow up. "He loved to dance. Got straight As. Keep everybody smiling. There wasn't a day that he was around here moping. Not one day." Funeral Services for Germinie Johnson were scheduled for Monday night. He'll be buried in Milwaukee. Ironically, his family was trying to move back there when this tragedy struck.