Business owner is fed up with crime

One Mid-South business is boarding up and the owner says it's all thanks to crime in his community. He's a small business owner trying to make a living. Thieves have made a living breaking into his business. Now the owner says he's calling it quits. Rodney Elzen, 2 Carat Computers said, "The crime in this area has just become rampant and I'm leaving, I'm leaving the city. I will not reopen in the City of Memphis. It's forcing us to close. Thanks to the crooks and the thieves and the city administration, that's who I blame." The last break-in happened on February 23rd. Elzen says the burglars used a crow bar to pry open the front door. They got away with several lap top computers. This is the second time in three months criminals have broken into his computer store. Back in December some crooks drove a truck through the front door." They've all been early morning heists. In the December heist, the thieves did more damage and are still on the run. Elzen says the area needs its own precinct. He believes it's too big for officers out of the East Precinct to keep an eye on. The city plans to build a precinct in the Hickory Hill area. A spokesman for the police department says it's in the city's five year plan. Ground breaking is expected in the next couple of months, too late for 2 Carat Computers. It will close its doors for good March 31st.