You may think everyday, how can I make my life a little easier or simpler? Living the so-called "hyperlife" can wear you out. Face it. Your life is a little crazy. Picking up kids from school or day care, taking them to basketball games and baseball practice. Sometimes you get home and it's eight o-clock. Marketers call it the hyperlife. Dr. Rebecca Caperton, Psychologist said, "Obviously things are so much faster than they've ever been before. Things are a lot more hurried. They don't get a lot of time." Dr. Caperton often hears the stories of home life gone hyper. It's a life lived in fast food drive through lines with french fries and chicken tenders at 45 miles per hour on Poplar Avenue. Maybe going crazy is too strong. But Caperton says families who fail to spend quality time together, families who don't stop to re-connect and stay in touch are heading for problems down the road. "I think that people that don't take time to do that are the ones who find that their children are in trouble, they don't know what's going on. They're un-informed as to what's happening at school. And I think that's when problems start occurring. You just aren't keeping in touch." Caperton says one way to re-connect with your family -- is over dinner -- and says families should make time for each other in the evening, somewhere other than the drive thru line. Living the so-called hyperlife can often be tough on the family. Tonight on Action News 5 at Ten, getting back together with the family and what parents should make a priority.