Chancellor denies police captains' appeal

It was not an easy decision for Chancellor Arnold Goldin.

"These decisions involving people's lives and their retirement and futures are some of the most significant this court has to deal with," said Chancellor Arnold Goldin.

Memphis police captains left the courtroom extremely disappointed and disillusioned.

"Its upsetting its somewhat demeaning to us for the service we've given to the city gets you a little upset," said Capt. Elton Hymon.

This comes after police director Larry Godwin decided to eliminate the rank of 30 year captain. It would force 92 to either retire or go back to their former lower rank. It would save the cash strapped city almost 1 and a half million dollars.

"This was never about me winning or the city winning it was just simply about getting a ruling lets determine is this rank operational because I just didn't feel the rank operationally was needed," said M.P.D. Director Larry Godwin.

Godwin says, since officers with 30 years on the job automatically get the job without taking a test, he couldn't evaluate them. The rank was a reward for officers who could retire after 30 years on a captain's pension. It is something they had planned on until Godwin eliminated the position.

"It's devastating It's devastating and that's putting it mildly," said Hymon.

Captain Hymon hasn't decided what he'll do.