President Bush arrives in Memphis to discuss Social Security

Air Force One touched down in Memphis about 30 minutes earlier than planned Thursday evening. Minutes later President George Bush emerged and stepped onto the runway of the Air National Guard Base.

The home of the 164th Airwing happens to be located on Democrat Road but this Republican President is in Tennessee to drum up support for his plan to revamp social security.

Campaigning as if an election was hanging in the balance, Bush has put what he calls a Social Security crisis at the top of his domestic agenda.

Tennessee is only one stop in a sweep of Southern states where the president has been pushing his plan. The idea is to assure the elderly their benefits aren't threatened by the possibility of making retirement accounts private investments-- and to tell young workers they have a lot to gain.

After a brief exchange with Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell and Attorney General Bill Gibbons, the president and his entourage drove off into the sunset.

In anticipation of his arrival at the Peabody Hotel, supporters lined the streets of downtown Memphis. But their brush with Bush would be brief as the motorcade sped down Union Avenue.

The public will have a chance to see and hear the president on Friday morning when he speaks at the Cannon Center downtown.