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Posted by Janice Broach, 3/10/05, 6:00 p.m.

Subcommittee votes to send Ford's case to full ethics committee

The Senate ethics committee collects a lot of cobwebs. It doesn't meet often at all. Sen. Ron Ramsey chairs the ethics committee.

"I know when I became chairman in this year I'd looked back and it'd been almost 10 years since the ethics committee had even met because there hadn't been any charges," said Republican Sen. Ron Ramsey, of Blountville.

Thank goodness for State Sen. John Ford who has given the ethics committee a reason to exist. He's had complaints filed twice, once in the early '90's after he was indicted for firing a gun at truckers while driving on I-40 on his way to the state house. He was found not guilty of that and the ethics committee voted not to unseat him.

"I thought this committee might not do that much," said Ramsey. "I was obviously wrong."

Very wrong, on Wednesday a senate ethics subcommittee voted there is probable cause for a full ethics committee investigation over a quarter of a million dollars Ford received as a consultant with ties to a TennCare subcontractor.

"There could be a formal hearing after that, before the ethics committee makes if final report to the full Senate," said Sen. Curtis Person, a Memphis Republican.

As the Ford Follies continue, the man who could become known as the "Teflon Senator" predicts he'll skate through this as well.

"It's been done and complete and you know that," said Ford. "And I'll be cleared next week."

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