Will President Bush sell his Social Security reform to Mid-Southerners?

President George W. Bush may have a difficult time pitching his Social Security changes to some Mid-Southerners during a speech this morning at the Cannon Center downtown.

This week's stop in Memphis is part of the President's "Conversation on strengthening Social Security".

The president wants to allow workers under 55 years of age to put some of their Social Security taxes into private investment accounts.

Whatever the solution, Senate Majority Leader Bill First says Congress should act fast.

"A lot of people said he's putting it off. Absolutely not. That's why the President is in Tennessee today. That's why everyday whether on the floor of the Senate or committees or my office, we're addressing this issue", said Sen. First. "We have a moral responsibility to do it as soon as possible. I would like to do it in a month or two months."

Opposers like Congressman Harold Ford Junior say the plan would add two-trillion dollars to the national deficit and limit coverage for recipients whose private investments fail.

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