Police say that argument turned deadly

Police cars were everywhere as a beautiful Saturday morning turned tragic behind closed doors in what is regarded as a normally quiet Raleigh neighborhood.

"I know something bad has happened," said neighbor Joi Johnson. "This is just really scary."

Imagine how the two children inside the house felt. Memphis police say they heard their mother shoot their father in the head. The kids were told to go downstairs just before gunfire erupted.

The children's mother, Valerie Herron, was taken into custody shortly after the shooting. Her husband, 41 year-old Nolen Leroy Herron, was taken to the Med wher he later died. Valerie Herron was charged with manslaughter.

Police tell Acton News Five that this couple may have had some sort of fight Friday night. Which might have carried over. But what may have started as a domestic dispute, ended deadly.

"We've never had any problems here," said neighbor Alonzo Williams.

Williams just hopes his neighborhood returns to normalcy. In the meantime, he says this incident just goes to prove... "Tragedies can happen in families anywhere."